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About Us

aboutLab Tests 4 Less is a physician owned and operated company with our corporate headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida.

Our mission has always been to provide more ‘Affordable Lab Blood Tests' to the Un-Insured, Under-Insured and Un-Employed!

One of the main benefits we offer is being able to provide our Physician Live Chat for the many who may not know what lab test they should order. Chatting LIVE with a physician helps our customers feel more comfortable in discussing their symptoms and receiving guidance in choosing the right lab test for their personal situation.

FREE Interpretation of your Test Results!

image_aboutAlong with affordability and our ‘Physician Live Chat service’ comes the best benefit of all.  That is, to have one of our physicians go over your test results with you so you actually get to understand what your results mean!

For many, it can be very intimidating trying to decipher lab test ranges with all those numbers once test results are received.

Having a licensed physician guide you through your test results brings calm and comfort to all our customers.

Lab Tests 4 Less is primarily focused on Alternative Medicine and the detection and prevention of disease. Our physicians are all licensed to read conventional lab tests, however, we do like to offer a more holistic interpretation of your test results preferring to point out borderline patterns in an effort to caution our customers on health areas they perhaps need to be more aware of.

We do recommend, however, that every customer we offer information to refers back to their primary physician for their medical diagnostic assessment and recommendations.

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