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A Simple Lab Blood Test Could Save Your Life !
No Doctor visit Required Over 3000 Lab locations in U.S. Simple Procedure
Results within 72 hours Confidentiality guaranteed  
Lab Price Our Price
CardioPlus $281 $59
Lipid Profile + Comprehensive Metabolic Panel CMP-14 + more Read More...
CardioPlus Advantage w/ VAP $648 $259
Great package of cardiovascular tests - Laboratory tests for an overall view of your health Read More...
Cardiovascular Essential $781 $189
Great package of cardiovascular tests - Laboratory tests for an overall view of your health. Read More...
Cardiovascular Extreme $1,267 $479
Extensive panel of Cardiovascular tests.
Cholesterol, Total $37 $35
Used to estimate risk of developing heart disease

This test will only give the total cholesterol value, which can be used to Evaluate lipid status and metabolic disorders.
C-Reactive Protein, Cardiac (CRP,hs) -November Tes $68 $59
Used to assess the risk of cardiovascular and peripheral vascular disease

C-Reactive protein is a substance in the blood that indicates the presence of inflammation and could warn of a heart attack in advance. Elevated amounts of the protein in men may triple their risk for heart attack and double their risk for stroke, whereas elevated amounts in women can increase their heart attack risk up to seven times. Cardio (also specific or high sensitivity) C-Reactive Protein is a marker of inflammation to the blood vessels and a strong predictor of risk for future myocardial infarctions. Cardiovascular tests ordered vary based on patient symptoms as well as family history.
Lipid Panel + CRP,hs + Homocysteine $340 $159
Lipid Profile (cholesterol, hdl, ldl, trig, ratio) plus CRP,hs and Homocysteine. Read More...
PLAC Lp-PLA2 $253 $179
Aids in predicting risk for coronary heart disease and ischemic stroke.Read More...
VAP Package $367 $229
VAP, Homocysteine, CRP-hs.
VAP Package PLUS CWP $896 $198
VAP, Homocysteine, CRP-hs, and CWP.
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