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Fluids & Electrolytes & Other
  • Carbon Dioxide: Measurements are used in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous potentially serious disorders associated with changes in body acid base.
  • High levels of CO2 could mean: Respiratory acidosis, metabolic alkalosis
  • Low levels of CO2 could mean: Respiratory alkalosis, metabolic acidosis
  • Chloride, Potassium, Sodium: Four chief electrolytes that are important for salt and water balance. Disorders may be due to problems with diet, medication, or breathing disorders.
  • High Chloride levels could mean: Dehydration, metabolic acidosis
  • Low Chloride levels could mean: Over hydration, respiratory acidosis, metabolic alkalosis
  • High Potassium levels could mean: Trauma, Addison’s disease, acidosis, renal disease
  • Low Potassium levels could mean: Primary aldosteronism, metabolic alkalosis, Cushing’s syndrome, renal tubular disease
  • High Sodium levels could mean: Dehydration, Cushing’s syndrome, aldosteronism
  • Low Sodium levels could mean: Addison’s disease, hypopituitarism, liver disease
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